Congratulations! You are NOT magical.

Celebrate your freedom from the tyranny of magic.

To help you better acclimate to your expanded vision of the world, you’ll receive occasional emails from our in-house expert (Sarn) and his official biographer (Melinda Kucsera). Sarn’s the laconic sort, so his word store takes time to regenerate between emails. To ensure you receive those emails, add to your address book.

Remember, secrets threaten, but magic kills. So respect those who possess magic, even if they seem inanimate.

It’s still a dangerous world. Doing your part to make it safer and better without magic will embroil you in great peril. Sarn’s latest adventure (recounted in Curse Breaker: Enchanted) offers a crash course in how to survive when your efforts uncover deadly plots. Sarn’s story unfolds over three action-packed days in his double life leading to a breathtaking finale.

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