No need for GPS.

Your mental map’s got your location fixed. But every gift has its drawbacks. Just ask Sarn.


An arrow flashed up on his mental map, and it pointed forward. Maybe he’d make it on time and without anyone seeing his eyes. But only if the magic contented itself with redrawing the map and stopped fighting to break out.

Magic provided the location, type of stone quarried, tonnage, and subject for every sculpture. In short, it loaded the map up with too much information, and it came with no off switch. The details scrolled past his consciousness in an unwanted waterfall of information.

The passage ended right where his mental map said it would. He stuffed his hands into his pockets shutting off the flow of new information. Leading with his shoulder, he almost tripped when his magic surged.

He’d visited this place often over the years, so his map pushed outward. It exploded from a two-dimensional, icon-rich line drawing into a three-dimensional wire frame. He felt the magic root around in his memory as it tiled a replica of the scene. If only he dared to open his eyes. —Excerpted from Curse Breaker: Enchanted

Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a fast-paced, character-driven fantasy tale with a murderous twist. If you’re looking for a fantastic mystery, check out Curse Breaker: Enchanted today!

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