You’re not alone.

Meet Sarn, the star of Curse Breaker: Enchanted. He’s got something magical fighting to break out of him too:


Magic leaned hard against his eyelids. Either he let it out to play, or it would break out. Sarn cursed. Clamping down hard on the magic, he held on while it bucked and writhed refusing to calm down. Humming with need, it thrummed through him, and its song coaxed him to let go. But he had to stand against temptation. Lives depended on his continued survival, and one of them was more precious than the others.

Sarn hugged the walls, using the carvings to measure his progress. Each change in subject gave him direction and indicated his relative position. His fingers encountered more depictions of mythical creatures as he continued southwards. Maybe he’d make it out of sight before the magic broke free. He picked up the pace at an intersection after he and the crowd parted ways. —Excerpted from Curse Breaker: Enchanted

Curse Breaker: Enchanted is a fast-paced, character-driven fantasy tale with a murderous twist. If you’re looking for a fantastic mystery, check out Curse Breaker: Enchanted today!

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